Everyday Christians

From Passion for Jesus by Mike Bickle

p.97 – “What is an easy yoke of obedience for one believer may become a religious burden for another who embraces what God has not called that believer to.”

p.158 -“There’s a false notion among many Christians that the Word of God works only if you have ten hours a day to be shut up in a room all alone reading it. But the Word of God was written primarily to the 99% of the human race who will never be in “full-time” salaried positions of ministry. God’s promises aren’t just for paid preachers. They’re also for the everyday person on the street; the stressed-out mother dealing with a toddler stuck in the ‘terrible twos’,the truck driver; the clerk at WalMart; the secretary; the stressed-out businessman; the schoolteacher and the courtroom lawyer. God’s word is for the believer who fell into sin and lost everything except a heart that still cries out for God.”

“…Don’t underestimate the grace of God. Don’t despise the day of small beginnings.”


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