My Quotation Book

It is a loose leaf book where I store the quotations I write down in my agenda books when I am traveling around the world reading books from other people’s libraries.  My quotes are too long to go in the “quotation” category, so I am going to put them in “Food for Thought.”



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2 responses to “My Quotation Book

  1. I like this idea. It’s neat to see what catches peoples eyes in different books. It would be fun to know whose library you found the book in, too. (If you’ve written that down in your notes.)


  2. Yes, I decided along the way that I should mark down where I read the book. I find it very interesting to know the place and date. But I must have read the Mike Bickle book before I started that practice. I think it was at Jim and Dorie’s, but it could have been at John Kramar’s or at Cindy’s.

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