How to Spell our Name

This was a greeting from the J. W. Kramar family, written by Uncle Willard, Grandpa Raye’s youngest brother.

When the family came to America in 1771 it was registered by the name of KRAMAR.   Each generation of the seven since has given that name with that spelling to its progeny, despite the differences in spelling which other families adopted.

My parents liked the name KRAMAR  and gave it to all eight of us children.

My first and second wives have championed the name KRAMAR.  Our children are happy to continue spelling the family name distinctively–KRAMAR–down to the last grandchild.

J. W. and his brother, Lowell, graduated from Whittier College in 1923 with the name KRAMAR correctly spelled on their diplomas–in line with the family tradition.  A generation later, John KRAMAR, the son of J. Willard KRAMAR met with similar success.

To spell the name KRAMAR differently now would make for alienation from the whole KRAMAR KLAN–brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and all the “grands.”

FURTHERMORE, it would be awkward to change to any other spelling of our name than KRAMAR, despite the change you suggest, for these additional considerations:

Our automobile licenses bear the name KRAMAR.

Our home and real estate, insurance, library cards, etc., carry the name KRAMAR.

Our debts, bank accounts, voter registrations, and marriage licenses hold a man and             his wife named KRAMAR responsible.

The armed services record tha name KRAMAR for the services of brothers Lowell             KRAMAR, M.D., and Raye KRAMAR; and sons Earl and John KRAMAR, as well as             various nieces and nephews.

As members of various organizations and churches as well as places of employment,            we have insisted that our name be spelled KRAMAR.  Social Security so registers us.

Even the telephone company has consented to this spelling of our name–KRAMAR!

“That ought to be enough,” as Willard says.  We don’t want to become boring–just concerned.

If it is not possiblie for you to remember to spell our name with A’s, please drop out the E’s (ease) from your keyboard when you think of us.

Note that the complete name of JOHN WILLARD KRAMAR can be spelled without E’s.  No wonder J. W. was born on April 1, 1903.


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  1. Stephen

    Hi Mom. I enjoyed this article — things haven’t changed much with the confusion over our name spelling over the years! Where does the information about 1771 come from? Cindy said she got information from some reunion that had info all the way back to the 1500’s. Do you know anything about that?

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