In the Neighborhood

I wanted to be sure to take my favorite walk while I am here, so I made a small lunch and was walking down our hill at 12:10 pm. I walk down Ash Street and east on Rincon to a real walking path. Before I reach the path, I walk along a deep ditch with a generous growth of slender branched trees (willows?). I was surprised at how tall they have grown, and pleased to see their yellow leaves.

Then I cross a long wooden bridge with iron rails, that crosses the ditch and connects me with a wide dirt walking path. Different kinds of trees grow on the grassy areas on both sides of the path. A deciduous tree in a backyard seemed to be a favorite for a group of assorted finches, and at the top there was one tiny humming bird. I watched for several minutes and he didn’t move. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a humming bird sit still that long.
I ate my cheese sandwiches, apple, and nutbread cookie while sitting on a stump in a eucalyptus grove. I walked home past the golf course and was surprised by a startling “Quack! quack!” The ditch had turned into a stream that seems to be home for about five white ducks, two mallard pairs, and some black ducks. They came to the fence to greet me, while a white heron dipped himself in the stream. Up the hill on the golf course I saw what I think may have been guinea hens. (and a couple of golfers trying to recover a golf ball from the stream).

The leisurely trip took me over two hours. The hills and trees reminded me of how much I miss them when I am in the Imperial Valley. There, flatland seems almost endless. Which reminds me of another walk…


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  1. Daniel

    I really like this entry grandma, it makes me want to explore outside of 1848 Bello Hills Lane. hehe. I like that you name all of the different birds and trees you saw along the way. I usually don’t notice all those things, but when i worked cutting weeds in the summer, on water breaks i would notice, all the rabbits, squirrels, hawks, and even some snakes. Its really some beautiful things.

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