Who promises eternal life?

I have thoughts like these often in the middle of the night;  the following comments from one of my brothers inspired the following e-mail note:

From Denny on November 26:
As for talking with mom, it was often about Jesus . . . but we talked family
stories, too,
And on November 27, 2006 7:00 PM
I think sharing the unique and rich experiences we have in our memories, full of
the mental connections of our common identity, is such a pleasure .

Ecclesiastes 3:11--"...also he has set eternity in their heart."

And, from my end of the spectrum,(as the oldest child in the family) more and more I know that I NEED eternity, because there is so much more sharing I would like to do.  I want all of us to be together forever.  Several years ago I asked John and Cindy to copy the Charlie Brown movie, "Snoopy, Come Home" for me because I remembered one favorite line.  Charlie said something like, "I wish all the people I love could move to one place, so we wouldn't ever have to say good-bye."  (That is a especially sentimental memory for me because I remember Charla dropping me and my four youngest kids and her two off at the theater to see that movie one rainy afternoon in Illinois, probably in 1973.)
Jesus is the only one I know who promises a heaven where individual personality and relationships continue, and we don't know many details about that.  I have to trust each of you in your search for meaning in this life and the next, if there is one.  I just hope you will not discount Jesus because of the poor record of all of us who claim to follow him and don't.
There is no perfect church.  There is no perfect commentary or theology or philosophy, even though there are shelves full of books about God and Jesus in every library.  What really matters is you and God alone, with a translation that is easy to read and true to the original languages.  I have read in the New International Version for years.  There are others that may be as good or better for you.  The more I read and meditate, the more I am convinced that God loves us, and that there is a HOLY Spirit.


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