A fading memory

They say that olfactory memories are some of the strongest.  I have one that is about gone.  It reminds me of a culturally uninformed purchase in a suburb of London.  I was in a store with my daughter-in-law and while she was making a planned purchase I browsed through the store.  The offerings seemed to be body creams of various sorts.  I had been wanting to try a new hand cream, but the prices–well, in the first place, it was my first day in England and I didn’t know the exchange rate.  They seemed on the high side anyway.  I did choose to buy a tiny round orange plastic container of cream with the label “Papaya.”  I thought it was a small sample of hand cream.

When I went to pay for my purchase, I remembered I didn’t have English money so Joyce bought it for me.   It seemed like it may have been nearly five dollars! but I didn’t want to back out then.

It was lip balm, and I later found out that it was a trendy USA brand.  But it has been fun to use when it is not lost in a drawer somewhere.  And every time I unscrewed the lid and applied some to my lips, the fragrance would bring back memories of the few weeks I spent in England that year.

Now even the smell is nearly gone, and I’ll throw the container away.  I’ll let it go, even though the roughed up edges left when Taffy the poodle tried to open it always remind me of a little doggie that is also gone away.



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4 responses to “A fading memory

  1. Not to split hairs, but it’s actually a UK brand. It’s in the US now, but started in the UK.

    And, of course, the de-junker in me heartily approves of letting the container go. 🙂

  2. Steve

    Well, the memories are precious even though the containers (and contents) wear out.

  3. Isaac

    Well for some reason the smell of stir-fryed veggies always reminds me of you grandma. I sure do miss coming down to eat in your apartment when I could smell whatever you were cooking for dinner from upstairs.

  4. shash

    guess this piece is a family blog but i cannot resist saying i enjoyed..

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