A Shower in Cusco



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5 responses to “A Shower in Cusco

  1. I got the instructions from Francisca: Push up the “palanca”—(handle on the fuse box).
    Wait 30 minutes for the water to heat. Step into the tub, take your shower.
    When you finish, dry off your feet, slip on your slippers, get a dry rag and pull down the “palanca.” Then turn the water off, not before, or the faucet handle will “pasar corriente.” In other words, you’ll get a shock.

    I wanted to hurry and finish my shower while they were out doing errands. So I may have slighted the time for the water to heat. I followed the directions carefully, got in the tub, and turned on the hot water faucet. (My notes don’t say whether or not I had to use a dry rag to turn the water on.) A pathetic little spray came straight down. I tested it with my hands and it felt lukewarm, but when I tried to stand under it, it wasn’t warm at all. I backed up, and used a washcloth to take a very fast sponge bath, giggling all the while at the comical situation.

  2. I couldn’t find my post anywhere so I repeated it as a comment. Maybe it is now in here twice.

  3. Eddie M

    Well, I received various instructions for how to “safely” shower in Cusco and no matter what I tried the end result was always mild electrocution. I got used to it and I always had a nice “tingling clean” feeling afterwards. =)

  4. Isaac

    I always hated taking showers in Peru. Most of my experiences definitely included electrocution and I found that flipping the “palanca” on in the first place was quite useless because the water was still freezing, also if you turned the palanca off the water pressure improved slightly. My philosphy was to try my best to not get dirty so that I wouldn’t have to take a shower. In my opinion it was never a giggling matter. 🙂

  5. Steve

    It may not be a giggling matter, but it sure made me giggle! I’ve experienced the mild execution feeling more than once myself!

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