Computer Memories

My gradual awareness record:

December 17, 1983 – We stayed overnight with Ray and Marilyn Davis in Grapevine after John and Connie’s wedding, so that we could get to the airport ahead of the snowstorm.

Ray kept disappearing into his bedroom, where he had a computer that had captivated his attention.  I wondered how something could be that intriguing.

1985 – when we lived with the Goldmans, Larry had a Commodore 64, or something like that that he was trying to do school records on.

1989 – I didn’t know what a word processor was.  Connie had me sit down to whatever they had at the time and showed me how to do some things.  I was confused by the “escape” and arrows and all the extra things that had to be done on the keyboard.

1991 – when I visited Denny in Holland MI, I could see the little fishies swimming back and forth on the screen on the computer in his close neighbor’s window.  (By the way I kind of miss those little fishies.  I had them on one of my computers’ screen savers.)

???? –  Lois and Martin, writing or calling from Germany, had a mouse and told me that they thought I would enjoy a computer now, with that facility.  I hadn’t seen a mouse and had no idea what they were talking about.  I may have visualized a little mouse figure running around on the screen.  (What is the history of the mouse and the time frame of its general use?)

1992-  In Portland, Texas, I bought Stephen’s little MacPlus so that he could upgrade and use the Reader Rabbit Program they had just purchased.

1992-2007 – there is more history, but it is not as colorful.  I am just very thankful for the communication privileges, and thank all of you for your encouragement in getting me started.



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2 responses to “Computer Memories

  1. Stephen

    The entry on mouse (computing) in wikipedia is interesting. I’d never heard of
    Manual Operated User Sensible Equipment before.

    I guess that mice were around before the first Mac in 1984, but that is the
    first computer I am aware of that had a mouse as a necessary peripheral (without
    it you couldn’t do much besides turn the computer on).

  2. My first computer memories involve crayons and church. My dad worked with computers at the University of Illinois (the kind that filled up a whole room) and would bring home the little cards with the hole punches in them. My brother and I would color on them during church.

    (Here’s a photo of a punch card:

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