Ancestor info–Kramar Family

These are brief notes I found on a sheet of paper I want to throw away.  I have more information to add later, but I’m “keeping” my notes here:

Adam Kramar I came from Saxony, Germany, in 1771. 

The Worrell’s came as early as 1682.  (Pennsylvania)  Phoebe Warrell m. Jeremiah Burnight b. 1779 in the Highlands of Scotland.  Their son Fletcher was born 1 Feb. 1820 in Indiana.

Fletcher m. Melissa Ann Fox.  Their daughter, Elizabeth Minette Burnight b. 11 March 1860.  She was their 8th child.

Elizabeth m. John Wm. Kramar, 22 September, 1886  (The were Glenn Gordon Kramar’s grandparents.)

Incidental note:  Charles and Esther Kautto resided in Taitowping, Fu-ning-haien, Hopei, China for 2o years, approximate dates 1922-1942.



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2 responses to “Ancestor info–Kramar Family

  1. Steve

    Thanks. I’m interested in any other notes of early ancestor arrivings in the US, too.

  2. Steve

    Oh, and Saxony is where John spent most of his time in Europe this summer.

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