I’m not alone

I like to figure things out in the thought world…kind of like a philosopher, someone who loves wisdom.  But I guess I am not alone.   I  just need to discern between wisdom from below and that from above.  James, the Lord’s brother and disciple, wrote about two kinds of wisdom.  There is also the difference between two meanings of the word “philosophy.”  Francis Schaeffer wrote that all of us are philosophers.

 From “He is There and He is Not Silent” by Francis Schaeffer 

            There are two meanings of the word “philosophy.…”  The first meaning is a discipline, an academic subject.  That is what we usually think of as philosophy: a highly technical study which few people pursue.  In this sense, few people are philosophers.  But there is a second meaning that we must not miss if we are going to understand the problem of preaching the gospel in a twentieth century world.  For philosophy also means a man’s world view.  In this sense, all men are philosophers, for all men have a world view.  This is just as true of the man digging a ditch as it is of the philosopher in the university….

            In fact, philosophy is universal in scope.  No man can live without a world view; therefore, there is no man who is not a philosopher.


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