I want to apologize to all of you dear people who land on my site looking for information about patchwork quilts…..well, at least you get a picture of one.   Post #4 tells about the quilt in the picture.  I just took it out of “Uncatetorized” and made a new category entitled “Patchwork Writing. 



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2 responses to “Apology

  1. Melinda Smith

    I am looking for information on Dr. Arthur Kaslow, from Solvang, CA. This man was an older gentleman in the 1980’s, so I’d be surprised if he is still practicing medicine. Specifically I’m looking for information on the 7 food mini meal diet.

    I saw him in the early 80’s and he helped my health greatly. Unfortunately I have lost my information on the diet and need to get back on it.

    Please leave information if you have it.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Yes, Dr. Kaslow died several years ago. His son, Dr. Jeremy Kaslow has a similar clinic in Santa Ana. It is a well-known clinic also. I took a sister there in 1985. Some of the names of the staff seem to be the same as some who were in Solvang.
    Check for information on the internet. Dr. Jeremy has a website. Check it out. It may be that you can get the information you need online or from a book offered on his site. If the diet is all you need, it may be a little hard to sort out from all the other information. I would like to hear from you again whether or not you find what you need.

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