Living on a Globe

Several times a week I pray for my children and grandchildren by praying “around the world.” Sometimes I think of each location in my mind, and sometimes I use a map of the world.

Today as I was sitting on Louise’s deck between the two large mulberry trees praying for my family, I had a sensation I had never had before. As I looked out toward Japan and Indonesia, I pictured where they might be in relation to the curvature of the earth—not quite directly below me, I thought. Then around the sphere to Turkey and Germany before returning to the eastern coast of the United States.

I’ve seen pictures of the earth taken from space, of course, but with a detached, geographical interest. But today I really sensed my location on a sphere rotating round and round in space.


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One response to “Living on a Globe

  1. Isaac

    Thats really cool grandma. I sometimes have had moments like that where I look up at the sky or across the ocean or just stand in one place and turn in circles looking around myself and pondering my existence and how I’m just a speck on a huge planet. Its humbling and amazing all at once. Its fun to think we all breath the same air and that all the oceans are really just one body of water. I hope you are doing well, thanks for your blog entries.

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