Laughing at Myself

On September 28 I arrived home from El Centro and read my post office mail, including this letter from Kaiser Permanente, dated September 16:

Dear Ms. Kramar,

Our records show that your physician has ordered lab tests that you have not

yet done. Please go to a Kaiser lab test for a blood test within 3 weeks. If not

the lab orders will expire.

You do not need to fast. The lab test orders will be waiting for you in the lab.



At first I thought it must be something related to my broken arm, but I finally did remember that one of the thyroid test numbers was slightly out of range on my routine blood test in May and that I was to have a more complete thyroid test in three or four months.

Since I was leaving on the 30th for a week in Maine I would still be in the time limit when I returned. I returned very late on this past Wednesday and planned to go have the test on Friday. I thought I remembered that the lab test orders would be waiting for me at the lab, but I wanted to take the letter with me anyway. I spent at least an hour looking for it on Thursday. I went through the stack of papers on my book shelf, the Kaiser file, the health records file, and the important things to do soon file at least three times. I just knew I had kept that letter!

Finally I gave up looking and checked the Kaiser website. There was no copy of that letter, but I copied the test results from the last test to take with me, just in case.

Friday all I had to do was present my Kaiser card, of course.

This morning, Saturday, I noticed a sheet of paper tacked to the bulletin board on the wall between my kitchen and the bathroom door. I thought, “Hm-m-m, I wonder what that is. Must be something I need to do.” You guessed it! It was the letter from Kaiser. I had passed that note at least a dozen times since I got home from Maine, without even seeing it!


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