Ron Drake, 1947-2008

Several years ago, Ron and Ann Drake signed up for our church’s FriendSpeak program.  Each of them had regular sessions with Spanish-speaking readers, using the Bible as the subject for practicing conversational English.  At the same time they participated in a beginning Spanish language class I was teaching.  We had a lot of fun and I learned to appreciate both of them.

Last month the doctors found a tumor in Ron’s brain.  The surgery was the end of September.  He struggled for strength a few days, but he couldn’t make it and he died on October 8th.  The memorial service was held today at the North County Church of Christ in Escondido.  I had known that Ron was a retired air force veteran and that he had since become a teacher of students with special needs.  But in concentrating on the elementary Spanish we practiced in our lesson times, I had never thought to ask about his military experience.

Today I heard letters read from men who served with and under him and I copied this caption on a deep frame display of the stripes and patches and other honors he had won.


Ronald J. Drake


Champion of the Total Force

Air Force Transporter, airlifter.

logistician, planner, programmer,

educator, leader, and friend

830th Transportation Squadron

I won’t even try to share all the good things this quiet helpful man did as he shared with the church family here in Escondido.  We loved him. We will miss him.


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  1. Isaac

    I didn’t get to know Ron very much but I went to Spanish chorus practice with him and also the drama ministry at church and really enjoyed meeting him and just seeing him around church this last year. The news of passing was very sudden and sad for me over here and I agree that we will all miss him.

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