Childhood Memories

Playing “Cozy” in the rain

I love the sound of rain. I love the fresh smell of the outdoors when it rains. When I was a little girl, on a rainy day I and my brother liked to gather the pillows and blankets that Mom would let us use. We loved to build a cozy nest on the screened-in porch. The porch was a room that was very close to the outdoors because it didn’t have any glass windows—just screens all the way around on 2 sides. Even when there was lightning and thunder, but not too close, we loved to cuddle up in our cozy little blanket nest. Maybe that is why I still like to hear and smell the rain.

The “Three Bears” Book

I didn’t have any store bought story books when I was a little girl. I don’t think there were very many, even in the stores, but I don’t know because we lived way out in the country and we never went to the stores.

So my mother made me a book. She made me the story, The Three Bears. She drew the pictures on cardboard from cereal boxes and painted them with water colors. The cardboard didn’t have words on the back; I think the pieces she used were dividers from the boxes of shredded wheat.

The book didn’t have any words, just pictures that I could look at while she told me the story. Sometimes I wish I still had that little book so I could show it to my grandchildren.


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