The Right Step at the Right Time

Last year, I finally bought a small, inexpensive wall thermometer, so I could keep better control of the heat in my apartment.  I hung it by a light switch near the door between my two rooms.  It is a flimsy thing with a key-hole shaped opening that I hooked over a finish nail I pounded in the wall.

But often, as I walked through the door and reached around to turn on the light, my hand caught the thermometer and left it crooked, or even on the floor.  Yesterday, it went flying across the room, and that was the last straw.

I knew I must do something about it!

What would work?  Ah, a glob of wall tack stuck inside the hollow frame!

(Mind working…) I used to have a small package of that stuff, purchased about seven years ago when I was teaching a children’s class at church.  Many times I’ve run across that package and held it my hand with thoughts of passing it on to someone who could use it.  Do I still have it?

I went to the catch-all drawer where I had last seen it.  I found it there, way in the back, and with a few deft movements of my fingers the ball of tacky was formed and stuck to the inside of the frame.  I returned the thermometer to its place, and it hasn’t moved since, not even a millimeter.

Is there a lesson here?

Today, this being the Christmas season, I’m thinking of relationships. Our connections with one another trump almost every other good thing in our lives…just consider the popularity of the social sites on the internet.

Of extreme importance are our connection with our Creator, and our connections with important people in our lives. Sometimes those connections can be improved, if not healed, with the right small step at the right time.  I know relationships cannot be fixed with a piece of sticky stuff.   But sometimes a small step can bring a healthy helping of the peace that passes understanding.

Some times an actual connection with the other party is not possible, but I’ve never forgotten what my Aunt Lois told me about how she received healing from a conflict that was troubling her heart, even after the other person had died.  In the depths of her heart she said, “Wherever you are, I forgive you.”

Romans 12:18 – “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”



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One response to “The Right Step at the Right Time

  1. John Willard K.

    Amazing what use we get out of a catch-all drawer. Thanks!

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