New Every Morning

“…his compassions they fail not.  They are new every morning:…”

Those words are the confident words that Jeremiah wrote right in the middle of the pessimistic book of Lamentations in the Hebrew Bible.

“They are new every morning” takes on a different meaning at my stage of life.  Did I do that yesterday?  Did I already answer that letter, or have I been composing it in my mind so often that it seems like I wrote it?  Did I unplug the hotplate before I left the house? (One of the two burners has the fault of turning itself on and off all day long if I don’t pull the plug).  Do I have my cell phone?  While walking down the hill to our mailbox, “did I bring the letters I intended to mail?”

I have lists and protective habits that help.  I have sticky notes to put on the door, if I remember.  I turn the thyroid extract pill bottle upside down and put it at the back of the counter after I’ve taken my pill.  I move it to the front at night before I go to bed.  And I think I have forgotten that medication only one time, when I forgot to take it with me when spending the night in my brother’s vacation condo in Solana Beach.  For years I have kept a list of letters I mail, but I don’t always remember to write the names down.  Writing letters is one of my very favorite hobbies.  I wonder how many people have received two copies of my newsletter this year.  Not many, because I haven’t sent out very many.  But it may be about to happen.


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