Musing at the Mirror….

I would write “Mused While Shaving” as Harlan Miller titled his column sometimes.  But I am a woman and I don’t shave.

He was the columnist for the Des Moines Register I read often when I was in high school….

I was looking in the mirror while creaming my face and I was thinking about the yearling baby picture I stuck on the corner of the poem “Iowa Child” by Sarah Hall Mancy, which hangs near my computer desk.

As I tried to smooth out the wrinkles, I tried to grasp the reality that this was the very same face that appears in my baby photo.  I can’t.



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2 responses to “Musing at the Mirror….

  1. Steve

    I can’t even resolve it for my own kids — I’m not sure the person they are now and the baby in the picture are the same …

  2. I hear you. I keep a 1991 photo of your five in my photo prayer book so that I can have Peter there, and just a few days ago I looked at each of your kids, and tried to see the present person… so different. And yet, thinking about myself, the soles of my present feet are the same ones that touched the floor when I was a year old….well, some would question that, I guess, since our skin cells are changed every 2 weeks?–4 months? I’ve forgotten the details on that physical fact
    , but still they are the same feet.

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