Humor in my Miniature World

Yesterday I wrote about a side effect of my recent cataract surgery.  I can no longer use the magnifying eyeglasses that were essential in my former farsighted life….So now, without the glasses, my world has become miniature.

Three days after surgery I was visiting friends in Arizona.  I wondered at their small serving dishes, at the small can of evaporated milk and the small servings of food.  The breakfast serving of scrambled eggs seemed very small and yet it was very filling.  Somewhere in my subconscious I was reflecting on the phenomenon.  The commercial feature, the small cans of milk…well, I might expect that in a third world country, but Arizona is not exactly third world.  The small dishes, the small servings?? Hmmm.  Perhaps they were health conscious and had decided we all need to adjust to less food.

I was there accompanying my daughter on a special teaching mission in a small church, so when we returned to her home in San Diego, I decided to stay over the weekend. There I noticed the same small size of their can of milk.  At breakfast my serving of scrambled eggs and vegetables looked small, but I seemed to have to push myself to finish the last bites.  The oatmeal  pan seemed like a miniature.  There were small forks and knives at everyone’s place. And the broiled salmon for dinner in its glass baking dish  Was that enough for five adults?  When Ellen cut off a piece at the thick end and offered it to me, I thought it might be enough, but she decided to give it to Jim instead.  At the other end she cut off a tiny little piece for me. It looked small, but considering the size of the fish and the number to be served, I decided I could do all right with the addition of the rice and vegetables, although those serving dishes were small also.

Not until I came home to my own familiar kitchen did I tumble on to what was really happening.  The silverware drawer was a particular challenge.  The tablespoons seemed like teaspoons. All of my dishes were miniatures also. I was out of fresh milk, so I reached to the back of my cupboard for a can of evaporated milk.  How small!  Just like the cans in Arizona.  Funny I never noticed that before!

Everything seemed small…paper, envelopes, stamps, my toothpaste tube, my drinking glass….  Then it dawned on me.  My last spectacle prescription has some OD and OS numbers for my farsightedness, and then, Add +2.50.  So for at least two years I have been looking at a world 2 1/2 times bigger than reality.

But I am still mixed up.  At my eye appointment four weeks from now, I will receive a prescription for glasses to correct my astigmatism and the letters on this screen will not seem so fuzzy.  But I wonder what is going to happen to my miniature world?


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  1. Steve

    Mom, that is pretty funny! I think your brain will adjust very soon — even before the eye exam.

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