New Year Notes 1999-2011

1999 – Eugene, Oregon, with cousin Elaine, whom I had not seen for almost 50 years!  We watched New Years’ Celebrations around the world until New York, then sleepily to bed….

2000 – Anita and I had arrived home from Seattle and Olympia on the 30th.  I had a bad cold and did not go to church on Sunday…

2001 – I had a very special Christmas week with my sister Jeri in Long Beach and came home for New Year’s Day.                                                                                                

2002 – In Loerrach, Germany, after a really special Christmas in Adelboden, Switzerland, with the Wollins and the Steve Kramars.   

 2003 – Diary is blank that day….but I had been at John and Connie’s for Thanksgiving and then  to New Jersey before flying home on December 14th.

2004 – In Loerrach again.  (I wish I knew how to put the umlaut on Loerrach.)  Will Bibee was there and that was the year Sami received her wooden vegetables to cut up.  On the 7th of January, I flew to Moscow to visit the Brinleys.

2005 – I flew to Grand Rapids to be there on January 1st for Lynne and Ben’s wedding.  When I arrived in San Diego on the 6th, Esther and James met me and I stayed there two days.   

2006 – I stayed home alone with Tillie the poodle while the Magos went to Eddie’s.  The next day I walked to Marissa’s…one hour and five minutes…for prayer meeting and tamales.

2007 – In Imperial Valley with Louise from December 21 until January 1st when the Magos family came by and brought me home.

2008 – I enjoyed the New Years’ Party at church.  I helped Richard make a marshmallow and toothpick tower.

2009 – We went to the Spanish gathering, but came home at ten.   On the 28th we had a Renner reunion time at Solana Beach.

2010 – I went to the New Year’s gathering at the church from 7:10 pm until 1:30 am!!!!

2011 – Dorie and Jim were here, and we also had a Kramar family reunion at the church with Mark and Donna visiting from Australia.                                                                                


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