Some parting thoughts to 2012…

…and other years.  (I don’t like to have to skip a line between each paragraph.)

I am reading Andre Maurois’ biography of Disraeli.  I had some extra time in town a few days ago and stopped by the Joslyn Senior Center to browse their library.  I tried to do it with my hands behind my back, because I do not need any more books, but I remembered that history is one of the weaker areas in my education, so the Disraeli title attracted me.  Just a bit of browsing in the Preface and Introduction convinced me that I needed to read the book, so I paid my 25 cents and brought home the literary treasure.

I am not going out tonight.  I am very happy at home, but now I need to do a bit of supper.  Maybe I will be back.


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  1. To rule out anything serious, go and speak to your doctor. Also have you tried pelvic floor excercises?

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