Thursday: second day of resolution

The resolution, that is, of doing a little diary entry before I check my e-mail.  I come close to being addicted to e-mail.  So I have already set up some limits.  I may not turn on my computer until 9 am PST (where I live).  My short term memory has come to the place that I am not sure what I did yesterday….or the day before….or did I take my next-to-the-last antibiotic pill this morning?  I solved that last one by keeping a daily record right by my place at the table….and writing it down the minute I take it.  So now I am making myself write a short blog before I read my morning e-mail.  If I write the right information on my blog, I may be able to look back and see what I did which day.  Do you suppose?  So far this morning, I had a very uplifting phone call from a dear friend, and my regular prayer call from Ellen.  And I was just now interrupted by an unwanted sales call, but I waited until the end and was able to press 9 to be removed.  And again just now I am having a coughing spell in spite of the 10 days of antibiotic.  But now I think it is mostly just the throat tickle cough.

Now may I read my e-mail?


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