Vell, now it is Vednesday

That quotation often comes to me on Wednesdays. I remember a time in 1956, when our friend Fred Goodheer said those words in our small living room in Morristown, NJ.  We had been sharing conversation after our Tuesday evening prayer meeting.                                   And on this Wednesday I am remembering an eventful Tuesday.  Julie and I walked our favorite nearby walking path before noon.  Then I finished cooking my baby lima beans, also called canarios, to take to the Missions meeting at Tim and Becky’s home.  There I enjoyed the good food and some good information from our brothers and sisters in Moscow.  I was pleased to go to sleep fairly soon after I turned my lights out at 10:30.  But I was not so pleased when I woke up for a bathroom trip at 1 am and kept waking up off and on during the rest of the night.  At 2 am I made a note that I had a pulsating muscle in the sole of my right foot that would not let me relax.  Phlegm kept me clearing my throat, so I sucked a peppermint.  I put drops in my itchy eyes.  At 2:30 I read a chapter in Quiet Talks On Prayer.  I “prayed around the world” several times.  I don’t know when I went to sleep nor when I woke up, but I dozed off and on until 8:42.  I got up, took my levothroid RX, did my morning exercises, showered and ate breakfast and here I am.
  I wrote all of this so I won’t get it mixed up with how well I sleep or don’t sleep tonight.  And before I post this I will tell you that I just glanced out my window, and enjoyed the view of the tulip tree in full bloom.  The forecast is for a nice warm sunny day in Escondido.



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