Resolution Atrophy

I told myself I would write my daily blog first thing even before checking my e-mail.  Well, I don’t know how to get on this page without opening my free mail account.  Which means that I see what is on the page.  Which means that I will usually read one or two messages.  But surely I won’t check Facebook!! until this morning….well, it was worth it!  I saw a freshly posted picture from Paragould, Arkansas, not to mention any names.                               And now what was it I wanted to remember about yesterday?  Two pleasant walks to the mailbox and more walks around the yard.  I enjoyed the flowers, the lacey layer of clouds under the blue sky, eating my beans and cornbread outside…. and later, listening to my Peter’s Quartet CD, the one I bought in St. Petersburg in 1999.   What I didn’t do was go to sleep before midnight, even though I felt so sleepy that I went to bed at nine pm the new time. I tried all of my possible sleep starters and then most of my “oh well, I might as well sit up and read….listen to a CD.”  Actually, I think I did finally go to sleep during Phillip Lester’s guitar music


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