Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yes, I missed a day.

And I wrote the above sentence to remind me there is no post for Monday, March 18.  Why not?  There was no time after arising, taking care of necessary preparations, and getting off to the prayer meeting.  It was good to pray and share with Alicia and then walk with her to Orange and Valley Parkway.  There we parted and she walked on home and I walked to the bus station and went to a chiropractor appointment.  I had made a good lunch because I knew this was an all day project.  I didn’t get home until 5:30 pm.

And I had such interesting mail that I didn’t even think of writing a blog.  I had received my order of C.S. Lewis CDs so after making and eating some vegetable soup and answering two good phone calls and doing my lumosity training for the day,  I listened to the first CD.

Then I sang some hymns and read some poetry and stayed up until after 10:30, following a scheme that seems to give more assurance that I will go to sleep more easily and sleep all night.  It worked, with the added factor of a very vivid and interesting dream series, including a birthday dinner for me, and watching Isabel clear out a cluttered lot, leaving only one picturesque tree in the middle.


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