Temporary Change of Location…

…and so much activity I have not had time to report.

But no matter.  This daily reporting was supposed to be for myself anyway.  I wanted to remember which day I had done what activity.  I think my last post mentioned that I did some cooking for the family upstairs.  I enjoyed the challenge, and some of the cooked greens appeared back in my refrigerator and are in the freezer for my first meal when I return home.  

The women’s retreat, “Peace, Perfect Peace” was excellent.  Perhaps I will say more about that after I have ruminated for a while.

I am at the beach condo looking at this computer screen instead of out the window at the Pacific Ocean.  But I did keep my window open last night so that I could hear the waves rolling in.  I was awake enough to enjoy it, and yet I did sleep and doze, mostly sleep!!! until nine a.m.  Since then I have done my morning exercises, got dressed, had oatmeal and apple for breakfast, prayed for my family (by age this time, with my photo album), and taken a 20 minute walk on the path overlooking the beach.



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