April 29, 2013 – another calendar page to turn tomorrow

I am writing to explain my absence from this page.  It didn’t work.  I still couldn’t remember what I had done from one day to the next.
It has been a good month, especially since I got over the second cough and cold this year which had me in bed on my birthday,  :-{

and low on energy for a week thereafter.
I then had some very good days, including a hike through the tree-lined paths and seeing many exotic birds at the Wild Animal Park with Rebecca last Saturday.       I do want to say thank you to the faithful person who seems to check my page almost every day.  I think this person has some kind of automatic checking system set up and it happens without effort on their part.    Anyway, like I say, the daily posting system didn’t work too well, and I will only be posting when I am motivated by what I think is a good reason.   Good night.



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3 responses to “April 29, 2013 – another calendar page to turn tomorrow

  1. Ed Magos

    Well Grandma, it did take some effort to add your blog to my blogreader! =) Ha. You are correct, I am notified each time you update. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better!

  2. Eddie, I finally got back to this…I had guessed it was either you or Steve.

  3. Steve

    Well, I have your blog on my Yahoo! news page, but I admit I don’t look at my news every day. I enjoyed the updates while they lasted.

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