Memory from 2009

“Welcome to the end of the day.”*
by Janice Kramar (Notes) on Monday, July 27, 2009 at 9:07pm

(* Appropriately, that is the motto on the pen I was writing with, the one I brought home from the AmericInn in Marshalltown, Iowa.)
I sat in a chair just under the arch of the passageway outside my sliding glass door. I was slowly enjoying a simple vegetable salad while quietly contemplating the shadowed hills across the valley. (It is a very small valley.) There are several ranges of hills that come into bold relief as the sun lowers in the western sky. The temperature was perfect, with a gentle breeze caressing my face and arms.
Yes, there was noise, but faraway muffled background sounds,–a motorcycle revving its motor on Broadway, two blocks away–the variable low hum of the traffic on Interstate 15, visible on the facing hills about 2 miles away.
Silhouetted humming birds flitted here and there, finding their evening meal. The sun slipped behind the hills and I reluctantly left the scene to capture it in my “travel” journal.
I stepped out again and there is now an orangey rose glow above the darkened hills, delicately decorated with a few thin gray clouds. Above my head and slightly to the south, the crescent moon shines above a slender palm tree. The lights have come on in the valley below.
I cannot imagine any hour of watching a movie or television, or even reading Facebook that could bring more joy to my soul. I am presently planted in a beautiful place.

The same scene in the daytime, a few years ago.

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  1. loved reading this Janice ! Hope to see you on M. Day ! virginia

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