My Morning Nature Walk

It was just my regular morning walk, but I want to write the mental essay I am often composing in my mind as I walk.  I got my walking stick, put a note by the door to tell the family where I had gone, and took a little turn along the flowers to watch a friendly hummingbird who took no notice of me as he sipped from some sage flowers.  Before I got to the mailbox halfway down my steep hill, the usual squirrel crossed in front of me.  I didn’t see the rabbit that often dashes from one hiding place to another as I pass the neighbors’ yard.

I put a letter in the mailbox, raised the flag, and left my walking stick…which I use only for the steep driveway.  Soon a mockingbird flew across in front of me, then a brownish bird.  I always wonder if they are trying to distract me from the location of their nests.  But on the fence on the right side of the long driveway a dove sat quietly observing me.  This she did in spite of the fact that five dogs of various sizes were running along the fence barking at me. I greeted her and told her I appreciated her confidence.   A crow flew across above me, and even higher a few small birds were cavorting in the air.  I think they were goldfinch; I thought I was seeing flashes of yellow.  As I walked by the horse stalls across the road, I saw a friendly phoebe perched quietly on the fence.   I couldn’t identify the largish brown bird that was pecking some corn on the ground in one of the stalls.

As I cross the next street and approach the school property my interest changes from birds to plants and trees, and I wish I could tell you the names…I recognize the acacias and the eucalyptus, but there are flowering trees and bushes that are unfamiliar to me.  This special route I take only on Saturdays when school is not in session.  Maybe I will do some research and see if I can find some identifying names for my next nature post.


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  1. I was going to write about the birds I saw on my morning walk today, July 29, 2013, but I can only add one to the above post….I watched a road runner dash up the hill at the end of our parking area. I like road runners.

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