Fellowship through the written word.

I am thinking about the fellowship I have with other believers in God–with my prayer partners on Mondays–or with my family, or others.  but today I am thinking especially of fellowship with people of faith of other generations.   With S. D. Gordon, of course, as I was reading his book today.  But also with David the shepherd and David the king.  I can know David’s heart at both phases of his personality through the written word.     And, to me, this is the greatest wonder of all.  I can know the hearts of the children of God who have put their words down on paper.  I can “listen” to them perhaps with more concentration than if I had been hearing them speak to their generation.     True, I would have heard their tone of voice and that might have made their intention more clear.  But I know myself as one who can be easily distracted.  So, with the written word I can have the message repeated as often as I like without interrupting the speaker.  Lately I have been “listening” to C. S. Lewis and George MacDonald.  Their writing calls for much rereading of lines….and looking up words in the dictionary…



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